Ben L
Welcome to my world of music

        I learned to play the drum's in the 7th grade marching band and became "lead" chair snare drummer in the 8th grade with Royal Oaks Elementary Orchestra .  While in high school I finally figured out that drums wouldnt fit in the trunk of my '55 Ford (or a navy sea bag for that matter) so I bought a used guitar from a pawn shop.  I learned to play the guitar the hard way by just listening an learning the basic cords and practicing alone to spare others any agony.       

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        Later  on while stationed in 29 Palms Marine Corps base I joined a group of fellow  marines and played in the enlisted men's club as rythym guitarist in the evenings.  I remember practicing with the guys in the barracks shower room because of the outstanding acoustics. We often drew crowds of marines that listened till 2a.m. when we weren't playing the club. 
      I have never formally learned to read music but did learn cord progressions and to this day play strickly by ear and from my heart.  When everything goes wrong I can pick up my  guitar, get lost and play away the blues.
      Most of you will probably never hear me making any big songs or albums even though I've been told I sing well .  My music is very personal to me (my "chicken soup" for the soul) and I am not very good at sharing it yet!  

                                 Maybe someday soon!

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